Lon Mega was born (Lonnie Norton Jr.) on Christmas Day to Lonnie & Doris Norton of Memphis Tennessee.  His parent’s 1983 special gift wasn’t enough to keep the family together.  His father left when he was just two years old.  A product of a broken home, Lon Mega grew up in the unforgiving streets of his “Orange Mound” neighborhood.  He faced many difficult situations after his father was killed only days before his 9th birthday.  At age 14 he and his best friend T.Y was arrested for vandalism.  After watching his mother openly weep in juvenile court on his behalf, he was touched by her pain and vowed to always try and do the right thing from that day forward.  But trying to stay clean and safe in a city that was anything but safe, was easier said than done. 

In his junior year of high school, Lon began experimenting with writing rap verses.  He and his friend T.Y soon started rap battling other students on weekends.  He never lost a round, and quickly gained the reputation of being the top gun rapper in his hood.  Just one year after graduation, Lon popularity had grown tremendously throughout the streets of Memphis, he and his partner even managed to get local radio play on a few of their songs.  Expectation was high; many considered Lon to be the next Mega Star rapper to make it big from the dirty south.  But after riding on such high notes, Lon Mega was hit with a powerful low-blow in early 2002.  His rap partner and best friend since 1st grade (T.Y) was killed…the end result of a deal gone bad.  Lon was devastated, and over the following months he slowly lost interest in becoming the next Rap Phenom, and eventually stopped rapping all together. 

With his music career behind him, Lon began carving out a life for himself as a Postal Worker.  It was there where he met LeAndro Meeks (L.A) a Software Developer who had plans to soon retire and was ready to move-on to something new.  Although much older than Lon, L.A became somewhat of a mentor.  He was a die-hard 2Pac fan who rated every rapper that’s known to have juice, by how they would hold up against Pac.  During one of their many discussions about how dry Hip-Hop has been since Biggie & Pac’s death, Lon began rapping the lyrics to one of Biggie’s joints.  Blown away from what he’d just heard, L.A instantly knew he had just found his new business adventure.  He later started L.Amack Production and spent the next year perfecting his music skills and trying to coerce Lon to get back in the game.  Although he’d lost his desire to rap, Lon never lost his passion for Hip-Hop.  He was finally convinced to at least test the waters again.  And after travelling around the country engaging in different rap competitions, the fire was re-ignited.  Subsequently, Lon Mega and his new music producer L.A Meeks began working on “The Medici Effect” in late 2015.